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What our end-users say

  • "Lekker form"

    R Catto

  • "It was very easy to fill in"

    M Mohale

  • "It's very easy and simple"

    F Ngomane

  • "Thoroughly easy to go through and in simple form"

    J Matladi

  • "Great, simple and easy"

    H Chauke

  • "I liked everything"

    D Nwosu



Are your emails being forwarded without your knowledge? Ensure only the intended audience has access and only for as long as they need it. 🔐


Don't ask your clients to recapture information you already have 🤯. Send them pre-populated information for them to update as necessary.


Allow secure data sharing between parties 🧍🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼🧍‍ For example, we let businesses, intermediaries and clients work together, ensuring all parties are aware of what has been shared and with who.

No passwords

Authenticate users via OTPs sent to their mobile phone or email address.


Users can add comments to answers 👌 ensuring context is always linked to data collected.

Mobile ready

Interact via desktops, tablets or mobile devices 📱 In the office or on the move.

User portal

Users can access their submitted, shared or draft submissions in a single portal. Allowing them to continue a draft submission or review previously submitted data easily.

No code

Our simple interface allows business users to quickly and confidently create great looking templates that can be tested and shared immediately.

Need to make a change?

We handle the version control, so your clients don't need to. Easily update templates immediately without having to notify clients.

More than forms

Allow users to capture photos (with image & text recognition), files, signatures, validated addresses, tables, lists and many more.


Where data is water, think of us as the pipeline, not the reservoir. We may need to know who opened which tap, but your data is stored with you, not us.

Never miss a beat

Enable auto notification everytime a submission is made or review periodically (like checking email, just more secure!)


We've created a library of customisable templates for your business to use.
Just add your logo and generate your unique link to begin!


No drawn out projects, expensive IT resources or iterations of testing.
White labelling
Email integration
Number of active templates
Pre-population & sharing
Rules and Calculation engine
Cloud Integration
Analytics and Dashboard
Custom landing pages / short URLs
Custom integrations
Advanced analytics
Included submissions per month

Minimum monthly fee (exVAT)
online library

priority helpdesk
1 000

4 500
12 500


  • insdi works on a usage basis with a minimum amount determined by the chosen Package.
  • The insdi Forms and insdi Calculation Service can be used together or independently of each other.
  • The pricing band applies to the entire volume for that month i.e. it is not tiered pricing.

Volume band (calendar month)Price per Form SubmissionPrice per Calculation Service Call
0 - 50004.500.90
5001 - 100004.000.80
10001 - 250003.000.70
Additional cost per Mobile OTP: 35c per successful delivery
All prices exclusive of taxes

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